29th September 2023

• T. Rowe Shorts Treasuries as Soaring Yields Upend Wall Street; • Long-Bond Yield's Biggest Jump Since 2009 Has Ackman Eying 5%; • Fed’s Barkin Says Too Early to Know If More Rate Hikes Needed; • HSBC’S Major Sees Echoes of Emerging Markets in US Bond Selloff more

28th September 2023

• Bank of America Says 5% Yield Requires Sentiment Boost; • Prolonged US Shutdown to Bring Dollar Peak Closer, SocGen Says; • US Yield Surge Helps Fed on Inflation, at Risk of Harder Landing; • Fed May Do Less If Risks Like Shutdown Hit, Kashkari Says more

27th September 2023

• Bond Selloff Rattles Traders as Hedging Costs Hit 12-Month High; • Bond Traders Roiled by Fed See US Shutdown as Next Big Wild Card; • US Government Shutdown Nears as Lawmakers Make Incremental Gains; • Oil Pushes Higher as Tightening Market Outweighs Risk-Off Tone more

26th September 2023

• Treasuries Extend Selloff, Pushing 10-Year Yield to 16-Year High; • Last Major Rater With US at Top Grade Warns on Shutdown Risk; • Fed's Kashkari Says He Expects One More Rate Hike This Year; • Dimon Warns World May Not Be Ready for Fed at 7%, TOI Says more

25th September 2023

• Bond Market Faces Quandary After Fed Signals It's Almost Done; • Banks Fearing a Liquidity Crunch Pay More to Cling to Cash; • ‘People Hate Inflation’: Americans Annoyed as Fed Flags Progress; • House GOP Mulls Stopgap for 14 to 60 Days to Stave Off Shutdown more

22nd September 2023

• Treasury Yield Climbs Past 4.5% as Higher Rate Paradigm Sinks In; • Bill Gross Warns Bond Investors Face Record Third Year of Losses; • Summers Says Fed Has Caught Soft-Landing Bug, Surprise Looms; • Treasury’s Frost Says Buyback Plan Will Boost Market Resilience more

21st September 2023

• US Two-Year Yields Hit 17-Year Peak on Fed's Higher Rates Mantra; • Bond Traders See Yields Marching Higher as Fed Message Sinks In; • Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Signals Another Hike This Year; • Fed Signals Higher-for-Longer Rates With Hikes Almost Finished more

20th September 2023

• Fed to Pause and Keep Bias for One More Hike: Decision-Day Guide; • Treasury Yields at Highest Levels Since 2007 on Price Concerns; • Traders Make Late Dash Into Bets Fed Stays Higher for Longer; • Fed Faces Familiar Foe as Oil Prices Threaten Growth, Inflation more

19th September 2023

• Sub-50 Cent Price on Treasury Bond Underscores Investor Pain; • Yellen Says No Sign of Downturn, Too Soon to Judge Strike Impact; • AllianceBernstein Joins Bond Bulls Camp With 2.5% Call on Yields; • Fed’s Higher-for-Longer Mantra Has Doubters in Bond Market more

18th September 2023

• Bond Market at Risk of Third Annual Loss Needs a Dot-Plot Rescue; • Hedge Funds Just Turned Bullish on Dollar Before Key Fed Meeting; • Fed’s Policy Paradox: Too-Slow Growth Threatens Inflation Fight; • US Inflation Expectations Fall to Lowest in Over Two Years more

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