The Rubrics Enhanced Yield UCITS Fund invests in a diversified, global portfolio of fixed income securities with attractive income generating characteristics over the long-term.

The primary drivers of performance are credit risk and duration risk and the portfolio is built around the need to provide strong cash flows and capital gains.

Fund Type UCITS V variable capital investment company
Domicile Ireland
Base Currency USD
Launch Date 1st June 2022
Reference Index None
Investment Area Invests in a diversified, global portfolio of higher yielding corporate and/or government securities; currency exposure potential.

These key documents include Key Investor Information Documents, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Minimum Disclosure documents and the Prospectus.



These are historic interim and full year financial statements specific to the fund company.

At a glance:

Ability to pursue enhanced yielding investment and non-investment grade securities in both developed and emerging markets.