29th February 2016

The Irish-domiciled bond fund range overseen by Shard Capital Partners is set to be rebranded as Rubrics Global UCITS Funds.

According to a shareholder note seen by Citywire Selector, the directors of the bond fund range proposed the change as part of the process of creating a dedicated brand.

In order to create a ‘distinct’ entity, the funds will be changed from ACPI to Rubrics, if the motion is passed at an extraordinary general meeting on March 11. Management of the funds has been overseen by Shard Capital since May of last year.

These changes will impact Citywire AAA-rated Steve O’Hanlon’s funds, who is head of fixed income and runs the ACPI Global Fixed Income UCITS, ACPI India Fixed Income UCITS, ACPI International Bond UCITS and Q ACPI India Fixed Income UCITS funds.

These will be rebranded as: Rubrics Global Fixed Income UCITS, Rubrics India Fixed Income UCITS, Rubrics International Bond UCITS and Q Rubrics India Fixed Income Ucits funds.

Meanwhile, the ACPI Emerging Markets Fixed Income UCITS, which is overseen by Daniel Moreno, will become the Rubrics Emerging Markets Fixed Income UCITS.

This is while Matthew Barnes, who is also Citywire AAA rated, will see his Dublin-domiciled ACPI Global Credit UCITS fund become the Rubrics Global Credit UCITS fund.


By Chris Sloley, Citywire Selector