20th November 2017

Rubrics - Under Rug - Cropped

“QT” is upon us. Quantitative Tightening. The unwind of the greatest monetary experiment in modern history. Is this the dawn of a new era in central bank policy? Well if it is, the markets are thus far decidedly nonplussed. In what has become a familiar theme, new lows in volatility were seen in November with […] more

17th October 2017

Quantitative Easing - liquidity

Liquid High $20 trillion quantitative easing has instilled in markets a tangible sense of self-confidence. And why not, that’s a lot of liquidity. In some senses a little like the self-confidence one acquires from consuming too much alcohol. I wonder, does it impair decision making in the same way? We won’t know I suspect until […] more

15th September 2017

Business skyscrapers abstract conceptual architecture

Central banks have had financial markets on notice for quite some time now regarding a tightening of monetary policy. As we have written in the past, the lack of volatility arising from this has been eye catching. more

5th September 2017


Last week our CIO, Steven O’Hanlon, dropped into Citywire HQ to discuss ECB market support and where the team is focusing its positions at the moment.  The video is live on the Citywire Selector website, so have a watch: more

16th August 2017


  The correlation between the record breaking rise of ETFs, the inexorable march of stock markets to new highs and the fall of bond yields to new lows is striking. Backed by years of abundant liquidity, investors have become conditioned to “buy on dips”, hungrily hoovering up any temporary blip in risk asset prices. The […] more

11th July 2017

Marital Fighting Style

Once again central banks made all the headlines. While the Fed have for some time been sending hawkish signals in the face of weakening inflation data, recently the ECB jumped on the bandwagon. Spooked no doubt by the markets’ reaction to Draghi’s Sintra comments, the ECB moved quickly to quell fears of imminent balance sheet […] more

16th June 2017

Regrets wrong doing. Woman, slapping hand on head having duh moment

If there’s one thing we learned from last week’s UK election, it is this. The anti-establishment vote is alive and well. In what was something of a role reversal from 12 months ago, it was Theresa May who this time came unstuck at the hands of a frustrated electorate. Unbelievably, she may just have outdone her predecessor... more

12th May 2017

Macro_Investment_Pack_FC - LC

Since 2008 much has changed. The myriad of data points we used to follow with such intent on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, have become a side show. The central banks have become the new masters of the capital markets. The once hypothetical “Greenspan Put” became a reality under Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Our […] more

12th May 2017

perfect sky and water of indian ocean

For the best part of 9 years the markets have been awash with monetary stimulus. Whilst there is no doubting the honourable intentions behind the introduction of Quantitative Easing, 9 years on it has become so pervasive that neither politicians nor capital markets can do without it. This wall of central bank money has brought on a collapse in interest rates, credit spreads and general market volatility. more

19th April 2017

portrait of  Donald John Trump candidate president low poly art background USA

The Trump ‘reflation’ trade that had propelled stock markets to new highs post November ’16 looks now to have lost its lustre. The President was elected on a clear message. He was a man who could get things done. He had real world experience.  Government was easy. Less than 3 months since his inauguration, the […] more

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